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Lindale, Smith, Texas, USA


Tree: Combined
City/Town : Latitude: 32.504983, Longitude: -95.407578


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ADAMS, Jennings Bryan  22 Dec 1896Lindale, Smith, Texas, USA I1597 Combined 
2 ALEWINE, Marion Barron  13 May 1891Lindale, Smith, Texas, USA I1527 Combined 
3 BARRON, Kenneth Ray  22 Feb 1947Lindale, Smith, Texas, USA I2371 Combined 
4 BARRON, Thomas Frances Letitia  01 Jan 1870Lindale, Smith, Texas, USA I898 Combined 
5 CATES, Alewine Barron  08 Dec 1897Lindale, Smith, Texas, USA I1470 Combined 
6 COOPER, Sarah Isabel  21 Aug 1903Lindale, Smith, Texas, USA I1542 Combined 
7 MAXWELL, Fisk Edward  09 Jun 1899Lindale, Smith, Texas, USA I1530 Combined 
8 MAXWELL, Martha Frances  22 Sep 1909Lindale, Smith, Texas, USA I1533 Combined 
9 MAXWELL, Mary Isabel  02 Jun 1897Lindale, Smith, Texas, USA I1529 Combined 
10 MAXWELL, Nora Cecille  06 Dec 1903Lindale, Smith, Texas, USA I1532 Combined 
11 MAXWELL, Robert Alexander  31 May 1901Lindale, Smith, Texas, USA I1531 Combined 
12 MORRIS, George Thomas  12 Dec 1879Lindale, Smith, Texas, USA I1461 Combined 
13 MORRIS, Minnie Beatrice  27 Aug 1876Lindale, Smith, Texas, USA I1459 Combined 
14 STARNES, Artie Missia  21 Apr 1872Lindale, Smith, Texas, USA I1435 Combined 
15 STARNES, James Pleasant  09 Jun 1858Lindale, Smith, Texas, USA I1474 Combined 
16 WOOD, Frances Elizabeth  04 Aug 1886Lindale, Smith, Texas, USA I1467 Combined 


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ALLEN, Campbell Crockett  20 Nov 1963Lindale, Smith, Texas, USA I166 Combined 
2 BARRON, Billie Ferrell  13 Apr 1985Lindale, Smith, Texas, USA I72 Combined 
3 BARRON, Eugenia Isabel  11 Nov 1966Lindale, Smith, Texas, USA I899 Combined 
4 BARRON, Lena  30 Jan 1981Lindale, Smith, Texas, USA I113 Combined 
5 BARRON, Thomas Frances Letitia  22 Jul 1948Lindale, Smith, Texas, USA I898 Combined 
6 BARRON, Wilmuth Sarah Jane  12 Dec 1899Lindale, Smith, Texas, USA I894 Combined 
7 BARRON, Winnie  25 Feb 1961Lindale, Smith, Texas, USA I1650 Combined 
8 BLOW, Ernest Ralph  04 Jun 1972Lindale, Smith, Texas, USA I1063 Combined 
9 COOPER, Ray Barron  24 Dec 1940Lindale, Smith, Texas, USA I1539 Combined 
10 FERGUSON, James Lemuel  11 Sep 1938Lindale, Smith, Texas, USA I3547 Combined 
11 HENDERSON, Robert Jackson  10 Dec 1963Lindale, Smith, Texas, USA I2393 Combined 
12 KELLY, Marguerite Elizabeth  09 Apr 1994Lindale, Smith, Texas, USA I73 Combined 
13 KINSER, William H.  15 Jan 1999Lindale, Smith, Texas, USA I2182 Combined 
14 LOCKHART, Roland Oliver  19 May 1997Lindale, Smith, Texas, USA I2232 Combined 
15 MORRIS, Minnie Beatrice  27 Mar 1926Lindale, Smith, Texas, USA I1459 Combined 
16 SIMER, Mary Ellen  16 Jul 1983Lindale, Smith, Texas, USA I1454 Combined 
17 STANLEY, Mattie Lou  14 Mar 1933Lindale, Smith, Texas, USA I1050 Combined 
18 TUCKER, Sarah Isobel  01 Oct 1904Lindale, Smith, Texas, USA I891 Combined 


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BARRON / LOCKHART  13 Dec 1924Lindale, Smith, Texas, USA F545 Combined 
2 BOAZ / BARRON  07 Jan 1894Lindale, Smith, Texas, USA F562 Combined 
3 CATES / MORRIS  02 Jul 1896Lindale, Smith, Texas, USA F576 Combined 
4 CATES / NEWTON  19 Sep 1920Lindale, Smith, Texas, USA F601 Combined 
5 PARKER / STARNES  24 Feb 1892Lindale, Smith, Texas, USA F563 Combined 
6 SCOGIN / STARNES  15 Mar 1904Lindale, Smith, Texas, USA F564 Combined 
7 WASHBURN / RAY  13 Nov 1920Lindale, Smith, Texas, USA F596 Combined