Billie Ferrell BARRON (1917 - 1985)


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UPDATE (12 May 2009) - We have now picked up some more new members! Welcome to all of you! Most recent member is Vicki Barron Kruschwitz. You will find, to the right, a link to her personal site containing quite an extensive amount of research she has done over a long period of time. Please take the time to visit her site, most of you I am sure have been there before. Vicki is responsible for a large portion of the Barron research contained in my site, and for that, I am extrmemely grateful. Thanks Vicki!

UPDATE (03 May 2009) - Added more death certificates to the site. Some of the photos from the original site have now been added with more on the way.

Elijah Monroe ROQUEMORE - 21 Oct 1851
Leon R. BARRON - 21 Oct 1894
Lola Gladys COOK - 21 Oct 1900
Nathaniel A. ADAMS - 21 Oct 1857
Inez ADAMS - 21 Oct 1953
Charles VERNER - 21 Oct 1955
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